Mechanics has been our passion for 100 years. This long experience is made available to our customers, in the ball valves which we have been manufacturing for 60 years.

So many years in this field have allowed us to learn, experiment, innovate. Today we work in terms of global safety and in a lean and flexible way, both on standard ball valves and when we manufacture customized products.


Founded in 1920 as a mechanical industry, NEGRI FRATELLI was at first devoted to a completely different kind of production, mainly equipment for the furniture industry.

The present production of stainless and carbon steel ball valves with the trademark “NFG” (Negri Fratelli Grignasco) started in the 1960s. The location partially explains the choice made for such differentiation: the company is located in the North-Western part of Italy (Grignasco, in the district of Novara), in the heart of a region traditionally dedicated to the mechanical industry and particularly specialized in valves and taps.

In the course of the years, NEGRI FRATELLI has acquired a considerable experience in the most various fields (chemical and petrochemical industry, hydraulics, industrial plants) and has then found its specialization particularly in the gas distribution field and the district heating, with models and accessories conceived expressly for such applications.

Thanks to the technical culture which is deeply rooted and widespread in the region, the company NEGRI FRATELLI soon found its place among the national industrial valves’ manufacturers. Today it is a leader in the market of fully welded valves for natural gas distribution in Italy.


We believe that trust and confidence of our customers are our most valuable assets, to be conquered with daily commitment to quality and organization.


At every stage of the manufacturing process, starting from the receipt of raw materials and semi-finished goods, through the whole production cycle and up to the shipment of finished products, the valves are severely tested and carefully controlled under the supervision of the Quality Management Department. At the same time, the compliance with the safety standards is also given the utmost attention.

The company quality system has been rigorously implemented in compliance with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and API Q1, as well as with the prescriptions given by the applicable European Directives.

The conformity of the quality system to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 has been certified by DNV – GL, which has also certified the compliance of NFG valves to the PED and ATEX European Directives.

These important acknowledgements – together with several product certifications and approvals granted by other national or international institutions and customers – testify NEGRI FRATELLI’s commitment to ensuring a high quality standard for each and every one of the company activities and mark further steps in the process aiming at a continuous improvement, this representing the pre-eminent target of NEGRI FRATELLI.



The essential value of Negri Fratelli is quality, not only of the products and of the production processes, but also of the environment. The company has been equipped with an important photovoltaic system that guarantees at least 50% of its energy requirements.


At Negri Fratelli, we know well the field in which we operate. We do not rigidly bind to a standard product but want to adapt to the different and changing needs of our customers. Through the direct collaboration with our customers, we produce ad hoc products or optimize existing products according to the specific project requirements.

With the opening in 2016 of the new production plant in Cavallirio (Novara), the implementation of the organizational approach of Lean Thinking has begun. This allows NFG to have even more productive flexibility and to be geared towards a One Piece Flow production.

The Lean philosophy is more and more permeating the company activities, with the only goal to provide a product and a service meeting the expectations of our customers.

Negri Fratelli avails of highly qualified personnel, a staff with decades of experience and constantly kept up-to-date: the training of our collaborators is considered an integral and paramount part of the logic of continuous improvement that is the basis of all the company activities.

The mix of expertise, experience and flexibility allows the company to be the preferred partner for the development of small and medium-sized projects.


NFG ball valves are totally designed and manufactured according to the best tradition of Made In Italy, with a complete production cycle that includes all machining, assembly and testing stages.

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